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There are plenty of options when it comes to medical care and hospitals in Madeira. The Regional Health Service is the network of public health institutions, being free for all residents of Madeira. There are multiple private health institutions as well.

There are three types of health care system in Madeira, the Regional Health Service, which is managed by the Regional Government, the special social health insurance schemes for certain professions (used in the public sector and certain professions such as the police, the army and banking) and the private system.

In order to have free access to the regional health service and consequently to hospitals in Madeira, you must have a user number. This number can be obtained at the health centre in your area of residence or at the Loja do Cidadão, upon presentation of a document proving residence, identification document and the Portuguese tax identification number.

NEWCO can help you register as a user of the regional health service. Contact us to find out more.


Public Health Services

Madeira’s Regional Health Service operates in the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo, and comprises:

  • 3 major (public) hospitals in Madeira:
    • Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça – primary hospital in Madeira, located near the centre of Funchal. Features 24/7 emergency services, external consultations, internments, and surgeries.
    • Hospital dos Marmeleiros – located in the Monte parish (Funchal), is generally reserved for more serious cases of patients needing hospitalization
    • Hospital Dr. João de Almada – also located in the Monte parish (Funchal), is generally reserved for elderly treatment and palliative care.


  • Various health centres spread out across Madeira and Porto Santo, with some of them having 24/7 emergency services. The health centres are organised by areas of residence and are the units to which users should go for non-urgent situations, namely routine consultations, nursing, family planning, among many others. They are important especially in the case of families with children, as this is where all the vaccinations included in the National Vaccination Programme are administered.


Public hospitals in Madeira adopt the Manchester triage system, according to which patients are classified according to priority of care. Fees are applied to users who attend the emergency service in situations considered as "slightly urgent" (green colour) and "non-urgent" (blue colour). The fee for attending the emergency service is 20.65 €, which can go up to 50 € if complementary diagnostic and therapeutic means are required.


Private Health Services

As for the private health institutions, the main ones are:

  • Hospital Particular da Madeira - private hospital in Madeira located in Funchal. Offers 24/7 emergency services, external consultations, internments, and surgeries.
  • Madeira Medical Centre – private health clinic located in downtown Funchal.
  • Hospital da Luz - private health clinic in Funchal.


Relevant Information

  • If you have an emergency and need an ambulance, you can dial 112.
  • Pharmacies are available all-round the island, and at least one per city is opened at 24/7.
  • For dentist appointments, you will need to seek a private doctor, as dentistry fall outside of the public health services. Luckily, there are plenty of dentists available throughout the island.


NEWCO can help you register at the Regional Health Service or any private medical insurance. We can also recommend doctors best suited to your needs.

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